Rewards Program


At Legacy Full Circle we pride ourselves in recognizing and rewarding our producers for doing what they do best; closing business.  The 2013 Legacy Full Circle Rewards Program provides BIG rewards for producers by investing back in your business. Become a member of our Bronze, Silver, or Gold Club and earn Marketing Credits to use towards your marketing or leads program.  Find out how you can earn added rewards with your annuity & life insurance production. Call Legacy Full Circle at 877-214-3013, ext. 120.

Program Guidelines

Legacy Full Circle Rewards Program is a 60-day rolling period benefit program provided to LFC producers rewarding multiple levels of production. To participate in the Legacy Full Circle Rewards Program, the agent must be actively contracted with LFC. The enrollment form must be returned to participate in the program. Production tracking begins on the date the enrollment form is returned. Eligibility for the benefits at each level (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) is based on the agent having met the specified paid premium amounts for each club level. Reimbursements and rewards will be distributed to the agent only after the production amount is paid. This program is for the writing agent at TOP GA/ EDA contracts only. All monetary benefits and services of the Legacy Full Circle Rewards Program are subject to taxes. You will receive a 1099 form at the end of the calendar year from LFC.  All marketing reimbursements are subject to carrier/product limitations and will be reviewed on a case by case basis to determine eligibility.  All receipts must be submitted to Legacy Full Circle.  Approval is at the sole discretion of Legacy Full Circle.  This offer can be changed, altered or eliminated at the sole discretion of Legacy Full Circle Financial & Insurance Services at any time and for any reason deemed appropriate and/or necessary.  This program may exclude any business with Allianz Preferred, Annexus Group, Aviva LSA Product, National Western, and Midland. Exclusions could be changed throughout the year.